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Cakemesamor Custom Cakes & Confections - "Dream It In Sugar"
Signature Cakes
Choco-holic: chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, red wine reduction -dutch chocolate buttercream
Man Cake: dark chocolate cake with a dark rich creamy beer buttercream
Sweet Hot: chocolate cake with a raspberry-habanero buttercream
Me Tequila: tequila infused cake with lime curd filling and tequila buttercream
Passion: vanilla cake, coconut syrup, with layers of mango fruit curd, whipping cream, passion fruit curd
Go'in Hawaiian: coconut cake, pineapple and shredded coconut buttercream, w/  macadamia nuts
Red Velvet Especial: red velvet and chocolate chip cake, cream cheese vanilla bean frosting
Other Cakes
Lemon,Lemon Cake: lemon cake, lemon curd filling, lemon pastry cream and lemon buttercream, fresh raspberries
Vanilla Cake: vanilla cake, vanilla bean buttercream
Chocolate Cake: chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream
Banana-Chocolate Chip Cake: banana-chocolate chip cake, with fresh banana and bavarian cream, vanilla bean buttercream
Much more flavors, just ask...
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